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The name Casa De Mansa Interiors (the house of Mansa) comes from the Southern region of Senegal, Casamance. We provide authentic home decor, furniture & accessories that will bring an African touch of art to your home. African art has always been the source of inspiration of many renowned artists and contemporaries, from the geometric shapes of the Kuba fabric to the design and history of tribal masks. We collaborate with interior designers and design retails to bring the best in quality and aesthetics.

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Discover our Outdoor collection for this season! From our Malawi chairs to Bamileke table, creating the perfect outdoor setup can be a fun adventure!

Traditionally, most African chairs and tables are meant to be outdoor where family and friends gather around.

The quality and the amazing design make it a timepiece that last a very long time!



All our fabrics are authentic and handmade from its country of origin.

We have an amazing collection of African fabrics from raffia and Kuba textiles from D.R. Congo to the famous authentic mudcloth from Mali. These traditional textiles are very popular items and make a great addition to any modern or ethnic home decor!

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African culture is so rich and diverse! It has and still impacted today's art world. Our pieces come with a history from the tribe or the country of origin. Tribal masks are an essential part of traditional African culture. They have a spiritual or religious meaning and been around for centuries! They can also create an unique living space as a wall art collection or as a table display.

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Our baskets are so versatile and chic! Whether you want a wall basket, decor or storage, our collection is guaranteed to light up any room

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    We put pride to showcase the wonderful work of artisans all over the world! By purchasing in our store, you are also helping and rewarding our hard working artisans, children and communities in Africa.

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